York venue pays homage to Rod Stewart

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Paper sailors’ hats were handed out to the York audience arriving for this Rod Stewart musical which cruises majestically through 25 of the super star’s hits.

And the majority of the customers dutifully popped them on during the opening night performance when the big moment arrived in the second act with the excellent cast singing Sailing.

By then they had really warmed to Ben Elton’s amusing story of a geeky young man in Detroit who sells his soul to the devil for Rod’s and is transformed into a go-get ‘em wannabe star with girls galore, but in danger of losing the one he genuinely loves.

After a somewhat untidy, rather raucous opening, the show grows on you, particularly as the leads have such fine voices which do justice to the big numbers.

A perfect transformation from the nervy mechanic, Stuart, to a star in the making, rarely without a thin tartan scarf hanging from his waist, The girlfriend Mary, sang beautifully, especially in Stay With Me and I Don’t Want to Talk About It.

It’s a sexy shows with gorgeous girls, and you hang in there wondering if Mary will tire of her rock star’s loose behaviour and be won over by his nice pal, Rocky who is deeply in love with her but can’t get close enough.

There was terrific support, too, from Dee Dee, Satan and Baby Jane, and the hidden star Stoner, and the reaction of the audience at the finale, on their feet, swaying, singing then cheering, said it all.

Tonight’s The Night rocks!

Chris Page