Where's the best place to picnic in Doncaster? Here's our top 8 choices

Enjoy the sunshine with a picnic
Enjoy the sunshine with a picnic

Summer is well and truly here and what better way to spend your day than with a picnic with family and friends?

Here is our top eight places in and around Doncaster to get out your tartan rug and enjoy the sunshine.

The Boston Park Maize Maze

The Boston Park Maize Maze

Sandall Beat Wood - lies close to the heart of Doncaster and offers great opportunities for having a picnic, enjoying its many play facilities or simply exploring its vast woodland.

Black Carr Plantation - originally designed as an exclusive private woodland for the gentry to go hunting, Black Carr Plantation is a woodland now thriving with various wildlife and open to the public.

Boston Park - a family business which includes tearooms, Maize Maze and horse liveries as well as an 800 acre arable farm.

The Crags - a series of north facing-slopes leading into the Don Gorge, is an area with fantastic views and an interesting history.

Fishlake - surrounded by countryside and is filled with lots of wildlife to see.

Shaw Wood - also known as Bluebell Wood and Basil Wood, Shaw Wood is a large woodland just northwest of Armthorpe. The oldest part of the woodland is said to date back over seven centuries ago.

Melton Wood Country Park - historically a typically English mature oak woodland, Melton Wood Country Park's rolling countryside now makes it an ideal place for cycling, with several routes taking in bridle paths, country lanes and short stretches of main road.

Howell Wood Country Park - Dating back to the 1700s, Howell Wood was planted mainly as a game reserve. The northern part of the wood is now a country park and is open to the public all year round.