Art, dance, music and performance come to Doncaster as part of the third Doncopolitan Crawl

Get ‘All Eyes On Culture’ this July with the return of Doncopolitan Crawl, a series of arts events in Doncaster town centre.

Wednesday, 3rd July 2019, 1:18 pm

The third Doncopolitan Crawl takes place from 5pm on Tuesday 23rd July, in partnership with DMBC, CAST, Frenchgate and The Point. Local businesses are keeping their establishments open to bring Doncastrians a range of art, dance, music and performance from local Doncaster artists.

This year, Doncopolitan has secured funding from Arts Council England to host the free event, aimed at celebrating the work of creatives in Doncaster. Artists have been commissioned to develop their ideas and share them with the community via Doncopolitan Crawl.

Doncopolitan Pop-Up Shop in the Frenchgate Centre. Art at The Deli and Mamma Wheatley’s Yarn Bomb at Scicluna's “New Beginnings” at CView. “On Earth To Make the Numbers Up” Photography Exhibition at Doncopolitan Studios Broxholme Lane Block Party Cara McHugh at the Jam Horse on Scot LaneKaty Carr and Helen C. Stark at Dreambakes on Priory Walk“Silent Style” - Fret by Fret “The Geranium Project” 13 Scot LaneWonky Planet Take Over featuring Fluidity at CastNightlife Museum

Doncopolitan Crawl organiser Rachel Horne states: “Artists Thrive Together. If you want to know where culture is in Doncaster, find an artist, musician, writer, poet, dancer or activist. Support their projects and, in that moment where you are celebrating their art, you are in fact making culture happen.”

Local artist Lucina White, who designed the eye logo, is delighted to be involved as: “I like Doncaster’s efforts to showcase local talent….I think the Crawl is a really interesting project that hs brought a lot of artists that I knew never really showcased their work an opportunity to do so.”

About Doncopolitan

Doncopolitan Magazine provides news and articles on Doncaster creatives. It was borne out of conversations between Rachel Horne and Warren Draper in 2010. They wanted a magazine that would show Doncaster as its best. The Doncopolitan Crawl is a live extension of the magazine, where Doncaster residents can explore their town centre after hours and enjoy work from artists they have seen featured in the Magazine.