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Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys Review, Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield

So here we are. And audience of at least 90% a certain age lapping up the Four Seasons songbook like Spring chickens at a midsummer party. But this is much more than a nostalgia-fest of Frankie Valli greatest hits. The everyday story of a dysfunctional foursome is told retrospectively from four different points of view and often emphasising a dark side away from the spotlight of glitz and glamour.

Emma Williams as Paula Pokrifki and Jonny Fines as Zack Mayo in An Officer and a Gentleman. Photo by Manuel Harlan.

Review: An Officer and a Gentleman

There must have been few, if any, Lyceum Theatregoers at Monday’s opening performance of An Officer and a Gentleman the musical who were unfamiliar with the iconic film, first screened in 1982.

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