Young quartet earning their Strypes ahead of Doncaster show

The Strypes are, from left, Ross Farrelly, Evan Walsh, Pete O'Hanlon and Josh McClorey. Picture: Jill Furmanovsky.
The Strypes are, from left, Ross Farrelly, Evan Walsh, Pete O'Hanlon and Josh McClorey. Picture: Jill Furmanovsky.

Four young friends are gearing up for the biggest gig of the career so far – but have the small matter of a Doncaster show first.

School friends Ross Farrelly, Josh McClorey, Peter O’Hanlon and Evan Walsh formed The Strypes four years ago back home in Ireland and have been earning rave reviews ever since.

Evan, aged 18, says: “It hard to explain the interest. We never set out to be successful, I don’t think we consider ourselves a big band, but we are doing well for ourselves.

“We never set out to be big. We just wanted to play together, for fun as friends.”

The friends played a few low-key gigs around their hometown of Cavan, close to the Northern Ireland border, with the plan of recording their own EPs.

However word spread and they quickly gained the attention of record companies.

“We did one EP and that attracted a lot of interest,” says Evan.

“We started playing gigs in England at the end of 2012 and our first album, Snapshot, was released in 2013.

“We’ve been gigging pretty continuously ever since.”

And the continous gigging continues with a huge UK tour starting on Thursday and which includes a show at The Dome in Doncaster on Friday.

The Strypes.

The Strypes.

However, the tour will have to be interrupted for the band to return to Ireland to open for Foo Fighters at the 80,000-capacity Slane Castle at the end of May.

“It will be the biggest gig we have done to date, says Evan, who plays drums in the band alongside 17-year-old frontman Russ and 19-year-olds Pete, on bass, and Josh, on lead guitar.

Despite the big date looming, Evan has promised the Doncaster audience will not be neglected.

“People can expect of lot of songs from the new album and the best of the first album,” he says. “We’ll play as hard as we can and as fast as we can and make it a good gig for people. We want a response from the crowd.

The Strypes play Doncaster tomorrow.

The Strypes play Doncaster tomorrow.

“We like to put on a good show, we like to keep the energy up.

“A lot of our influences had a bit of showmanship and put on very dynamic performances, jumping around the stage.”

Those influences are not what you would expect on four teenagers

“We play garage rock,” says Evan. “It’s quite an uncommon kind of music. We like old blues, punk, garage rock music.

“We come from musical families. Our parents played music when we were younger, so we grew up with musical instruments and were encouraged to play.

“From that we discovered unusual genres of music for people or our age to be interested in – 60s, 70s music, garage punk, people like Dr Feelgood, The Undertones and early Rolling Stones.”

And The Strypes will be bringing their ‘unusual’ sound to The Dome tomorrow. For tickets, priced from £12,50, visit