VIDEO: 1D Superfans waiting outside Sheffield Arena since 7am

The devotion of these Directioners knows no bounds...

A hardy group of seven dedicated One Direction fans braved wind, rain and chilly temperatures in the hope of catching just the merest glimpse of their idols.

One Direction

One Direction

The teenage pals gathered outside Sheffield Arena at 7am today and vowed to stay until 11pm in the hope of seeing the lads as their final three shows kicks off tonight.

Excitement has reached fever pitch as One Direction conclude their On The Road Again tour with three sell-out shows in Sheffield before the band takes a break.

Despite only having tickets for tomorrow's concert, the seven friends from Barnsley are camping outside the arena for all three days. They were huddled outside the gates of the venue from 7am today.

Cheyenne Wroe, aged 16, was hoping to catch a glimpse of Niall Horan, her favourite member of the band.

One Direction fans wait outside the Sheffield Arena to try and catch a glimpse of their fans

One Direction fans wait outside the Sheffield Arena to try and catch a glimpse of their fans

She said her dream would be ‘to just get seven seconds’ adding: “It takes seven seconds to fall in love.”

Cheyenne said ‘got my entire family in front of their laptops’ in order to get tickets.

Cheyenne’s cousin, who is on holiday in Cyprus, is cutting her trip short in order to make it to Saturday's concert.

Despite the rain, the group of friends sat on the ground and munched on chicken fingers and crisps as they guessed which hotel the band would be staying at.

Joanna Reed, 17, said she woke up at 6am to travel more than 90 miles from her home in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

She bought tickets for tonights show but said she wished she had had enough money to attend the final two concerts as well. Tickets have been selling online for anywhere between £600 to £11,000

Thomas Mesa, country manager UK for Ticketbis, said: “The fact that it may be the last time fans will be able to see the boys perform is likely the catalyst of such high prices.

“At Ticketbis we have seen a 55.54 per cent increase in the average price of a One Direction concert ticket since 2012.

“We wouldn’t be surprised if prices increased further, the closer we come to the last show.”