Flaming ‘eck it’s Rhod!

Rhod Gilbert and his flaming Battenburg tattoo.
Rhod Gilbert and his flaming Battenburg tattoo.

EVER had a tattoo and regretted it? Welsh stand-up comic Rhod Gilbert has one - and its not one you’ll see inked on anyone else at any time soon.

But you could see it up and close and personal in Doncaster tonight when the top-rated funnyman drops in at The Dome on his UK-wide Man With The Flaming Battenberg Tattoo Tour.

Yes, you did read that right - he’s now forever indelibly inked with a fiery slab of confectionery on his shoulder - but its exactly what we’ve come to expect from Rhod and his offbeat comedic look at life.

His previous tours - The Cat That Looked Like Nicholas Lyndhurst and The Award Winning Mince Pie - give a flavour of what to expect and tonight’s show is expected to be no different.

Following several sell-out UK tours and best-selling stand-up DVDs, multi-award winning wonder Rhod is back on the road with a brand new live show.

A regular on Live At The Apollo and with his own BBC One show Ask Rhod Gilbert, he’s one of the world’s hottest comedians - and surely his ink proves just that!

His stand-up rants on life’s minor irritations are legendary, but this year, he’s a more mellow fellow altogether. He’s now so laid-back he even let someone tattoo a Battenberg on him.

Will the new, chilled-out Rhod get his girl and live happily ever after, or will it be microwaved baked potato for one again?

Could it be the Mr Angry of comedy as you’ve never seen him before?

Tickets for the show are priced at £25 and are available from the box office on 01302 370777 or at The Dome