Doncaster Calling!

Barb Wire Dolls
Barb Wire Dolls

Hey ho let’s go! A Doncaster record label could be in at the start of a new Punk Rock revolution.

Native Records is to release one of the first compilations devoted to a new musical movement called New Punk.

And the CD will also go back to the future – as well as featuring the cream of contemporary punk, it will also include tracks by some of the genre’s originators, including Sham 69 and the UK Subs.

“Punk has an amazing history but is still a vibrant underground culture, particularly at the moment,” said Native boss Kevin Donoghue. “Our aim with the CD is to bring people the most exciting new acts, but so give a sense of that history.”

The compilation will also feature a track by former Membrane’s mainman John Robb’s current band Goldblade, two songs by bands from the ‘States and two German groups as well as the cream of the UK’s underground scene.

Native bring one of the compilation’s brightest new stars to Doncaster, when Los Angeles rockers Barb Wire Dolls – described by the influential Rolling Stone magazine as ‘the most important US punk band since Blondie and The Ramones’ – play Vintage Rockbar on St George’s terrace, on Wednesday.

Kevin said: “it’s a bit of a coup for Doncaster – they’re doing a European tour and they had a day off, so I asked them if they’d come and play here and they said yes.

“Their music could make any aging ex-punk like myself very happy – it’s somewhere between X Ray Spex and Blondie and it’s a real rush.”

However, there is one aspect of the ‘Dolls punk philosophy that Kevin’s still struggling to get his head round:

“They give all of their music away free,” he said. “As a guy who runs a record company, I’m still trying to make sense out of that!”

Admission to the Barb Wire Dolls concert is £1.