Och aye! Beautiful Scots come to Doncaster

The Scotland team for the Miss European 2013 competition which Xcited for Her are sponsering and giving them clothes to wear for the beauty pageant. Picture: Andrew Roe
The Scotland team for the Miss European 2013 competition which Xcited for Her are sponsering and giving them clothes to wear for the beauty pageant. Picture: Andrew Roe

Many a Doncaster man did a double-take as 11 Miss European hopefuls strutted their stuff through the streets.

A spot of Glaswegian glitz and glamour descended on the town as Scottish beauties got kitted out for their forthcoming pageant by Doncaster fashion retailer Xcited for Her.

The tiara-clad ladies left a trail of wolf-whistles and compliments behind them as they made their way to the clothes store on Printing Office Street.

They are being mentored by current Miss European Deone Robertson, who won the title for Scotland at last year’s contest in Portugal.

This year’s glittering event takes place in Malta in November.

Deone, aged 25, said: “It’s the first time I’ve ever been to Doncaster but it looks really nice and I feel like I’m on holiday!

“We have seen the little markets and I love a market, it’s a shame we won’t have time to stop off there.

“Everyone is really pleasant and they were all commenting on my crown when we were walking through the streets.

“I’m excited to see the outfits the girls will be wearing - when they all wear the same it looks nice because everyone’s in the team colours of blue and white.

“You’re really representing your country together.”

Xcited for Her’s directors Tan and Abs Chaudhry and Aftab Ashraf got involved with the Miss European Scotland team after the girls’ manager, Louise Love, spotted their fashion store on eBay.

Louise said: “We had a look on eBay at things I would like the girls to be seen in fashion-wise.

“I came across Xcited and asked if they would like to sponsor them. A lot of teams come with basic T-shirts and shorts and I wanted my girls to be a bit more fashionable and with-it. I didn’t want them going out with boring clothes.

“This is the first time many of the girls have been to Doncaster and they are enjoying it. Judging by the hoots from cars as we were coming through the town, Doncaster seems to like them too!”

Abs said: “It’s a big European event so it’s a big deal for us as a company.

“We’ve supplied all the clothes they need for their casual time including vest tops, T-shirts, leggings, hoodies, shorts, blazers, hotpants, dresses and skater skirts.

“We wish them all the very best for their competition.”

The Miss European contest runs from November 4 to 10 and culminates in a big competition involving bikini, clubwear and eveningwear rounds.

Tan and Abs’ family has a long-standing history of kitting out the people of Doncaster and beyond with the latest fashions.

Their grandfather came to Doncaster in 1936 and sold clothes door-to-door.

Their father then set up a market stall, which the brothers helped to run until they opened the shop.

For the last two years they have been expanding the e-commerce side of their business.

They also have a menwear shop next door called Xcited for Him.

Did you know Doncaster could be in Scotland?

At first it may seem a strange choice for Xcited to support the girls in Team Scotland, when the business is based in England.

But local historians claim Doncaster could in fact be part of Scotland.

Local experts Peter Robinson and Charles Kelham last year unearthed evidence that Doncaster was under Scottish rule for 21 years from 1136 to 1157.

But while the town was officially signed over between the kings of England and Scotland, it seems it was never formally handed back.

And that means our friends from north of the border may well have taken our freedom - making Doncaster an enclave of Scotland!

Peter and Charles found that during the reign of King Stephen of England, King David I of Scotland conquered parts of northern England.

A peace treaty, The Treaty of Durham, was agreed in 1136 and Doncaster - but nowhere else in Yorkshire - was handed over to Scotland. A second treaty three years later confirmed Scottish ownership but, in 1157, Henry II of England simply took back areas lost to the Scots.

But there was no official paperwork to seal the deal.