Hip hop crew’s dance theatre show about a family crisis

In My Shoes, Rotherham Civic
In My Shoes, Rotherham Civic

In My Shoes, Rotherham Civic

This show from a Sheffield-based hip hop group, on tomorrow night, is about a father and a son who have a troublesome relationship that lacks respect and understanding.

In a desperate attempt to save their relationship, they attend an extreme therapy session which makes them consider the difficulties faced by others to develop their understanding of how it feels to be in another person’s shoes.

Rationale aim to take b-boying, or breakdancing, and combine it with theatrical presentation.

The piece uses movement, dialogue and interaction to portray challenging real-life experiences in an entertaining piece of hip-hop theatre.

The concept for In My Shoes came about during research and development for the production.

The members of the crew presented stories of what they wanted to express to an audience: darker moments in their lives, personal experiences and difficult moments.

Musician George Clinton once said: “You can walk a mile in my shoes but you can’t dance a step in my feet.”

This is something that Rationale say is core to their hip hop theatre production.

Rationale, a collective of five culturally diverse dancers from Sheffield, have been training together for years and practically grew up together.

The company has successfully received funding from Arts Council England with support from Spin Arts Management to produce and tour this exciting, uplifting and high-impact performance.

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