Doncaster TV stars are the cream of the crop

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Two of Doncaster’s best known faces have been used to create a giant maze inspired by Yorkshire.

The York Maze features giant images of county legends Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson and larger than life actor Brian Blessed - who both hail from Doncaster - alongside cricketing hero Geoffrey Boycott.

Each head is over 50 metres in diameter and has been carefully cut out of the 18 acre field containing over one million living maize plants.

Tom Pearcy, farmer and owner of York Maze, one of the largest in the world, said: “As a proud Yorkshireman I wanted to create a design that celebrated Yorkshire.

“I hope that visitors to the maze this summer will be bowled over by the design.

“They may get stumped trying to find their way round the brim of Geoffrey Boycott’s hat, and get lost in Brian Blessed’s beard, but they should be able to race round Jeremy Clarkson’s head.”

Blessed was the launch of the attraction on Friday and took a helicopter flight over the maze.

He said: “To be invited to come to Yorkshire where my soul belongs and see my face in a giant maze with Geoffrey and Jeremy is a tremendous honour.

Boycott, who visited the maze earlier in the week, said: “It’s very good, it’s definitely me, they’ve caught the chin well, my eyes and the hat.

“They’ve done a good job cutting it out. I think that kids and families visiting this summer will love it.”

Mr Pearcy said: “Unfortunately Jeremy couldn’t make it but I hope he will be able to visit before the maize is harvested to be fed to the cows at the beginning of September.”

York Maze is open to the public from today to September 1.

* Hailed as one of the best mazes in the country, York Maze is now open for the summer.

Created from over one million living, growing maize plants, it’s not just the largest maze in the UK it’s an award winning fun filled, out in the country and there’s over 20 rides to enjoy.

For more information about York Maze, including admission prices and directions visit the website