Yorkshire Day: 47 words and phrases you would only ever hear in Yorkshire

The White Rose
The White Rose

Nah then! ‘Owz thi’ doin’?

To celebrate Yorkshire Day we’ve put together this list of words and phrases you’d only ever hear in God’s Own County...

‘Ack: Roof

‘Ey up: Hello

Addle: Earn

Aye: Yes

Back end: Autumn

B’aht: Without

Bait: Snack

Black bright: Very dirty

Bobar: Poo/rubbish

Bog: Toilet

Britches: Trousers/Knickers

Chuddy: Chewing gum

Coil ‘oil: Coal shed or cellar

Courtin’: Going out with

Eeh by gum: Oh my God

Fettle: Make

Flaggin’: Getting tired

Flippin’ ‘eck: Bloody hell

Flit: Move house

Flummox: Confuse

Gander: Look

Gennel/Ginnel: Alleyway

Gi’oer: Give over

Gip: Retch

Goosegogs: Gooseberries

Lug ‘oil: Ear hole

Mardy: Moody

Mashin’: Making tea

Mi’sen: Myself

Mithering: Bothering

Monk on: Grumpy

Nesh: To feel cold

Nowt: Nothing

‘Ow do? How do you do?

Owt: Anything

Parky: Cold

Phummock peeping out of an ivy bush: Untidy hair

Put wood i’th’oil: Close the door

Reight: Very

Shuft up: Make more room

Silin’: Raining heavily

Si ‘Thi’ later: See you later

Snicket: Passageway

Spice: Sweets

Tha: You

Thissen: Yourself

Wittler: A worrier

Are there any other uniquely Yorkshire words or phrases you think should be added to this list? Leave your suggestions in the Comments section below.