The Gruffalo Experience, Meadowhall, Sheffield

Joshua Kiddy, 4 from Doncaster meets the Gruffalo
Joshua Kiddy, 4 from Doncaster meets the Gruffalo

I was first introduced to the Gruffalo by my three year old grandson, and initially thought he was a bit scary!

“His eyes are orange, his tongue is black, he has purple prickles all over his back, he has terrible tusks and terrible claws, and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws, see what I mean?

But having read the story and listening to my grandson’s animated version I soon realised why he was so popular.

Sheffield’s Meadowhall Shopping Centre hosted the world’s first Gruffalo Experience this Easter.

So we went to meet the Gruffalo and other characters from the book.

When we first arrived all the children were given mouse ears and met a wonderful young woman (who I must say deserved a medal on this day) our Gruffalo guide who led us into the deep dark woods to begin our 45 minute interactive Gruffalo experience.

After meeting fox, snake and owl, we were guided through the deep dark woods we were told the story where the children took part, with much excitement.

To top it off Joshua and I got to meet the Gruffalo who wasn’t at all scary!

The organisers said it was a total sell out and success with the potential to be returning in the future.