Doncaster RLFC: ‘We’ll bring new players in if we have to,’ vows Paul Cooke

Paul Cooke
Paul Cooke

Paul Cooke says he won’t hesitate to bring in new recruits if his underperforming players continue to make the same mistakes.

Dons’ season went from bad to worse on Sunday when they crashed out of the Challenge Cup at the hands of League One side North Wales Crusaders.

Cooke said: “I’m feeling low and the players are feeling low, we keep having the same conversations every single week.

“We are not grasping what we are being told and what we are being asked to do and on top of that we are questioning what everyone else is doing.

“There is a little bit of a culture here at the minute where we are questioning what we are doing instead of doing it.

“We got into a good position after 15 minutes, but then we gave field possession away, penalties away and energy levels drop and we do it to ourselves.

“It’s something we can fix and we have to fix and if we don’t we have to find players who will come in to fix it.

“We are making errors early in the tackles when we have the ball and when we give it away, we are giving penalties late in the tackle account.

“I think it was nine penalties on the bounce in 25 minutes in the first half, which isn’t acceptable.”

Meanwhile, Tom Holt and Alex Palmer have both left Doncaster just months into their respective first seasons with the club.

The Dons said on their website they had left “due to work commitments”.