Rotherham United: Steve Evans' 6 most memorable quotes

Steve Evans
Steve Evans

During his time at Rotherham United Steve Evans courted controversy on a number of occasions with his post-match outbursts.

Here are six of his most memorable quotes...

“There was a Millwall player who said we’ve not got bottle. Well, I’ve got 12 bottles of pink finest champagne and we’ll be drinking them for about a week! Look forward to League One, son, and keep your trap shut!” After the Millers secured Championship safety following a 2-1 win over Reading.

“They must think I'm Donald Duck. After the way he played, I don't think they'd want him anyway would they?” After Southend enquired about Jason Taylor two days before they visited New York stadium and won 3-0.

“The referee was totally, obnoxious rude and embarrassing to me and my staff throughout the match and at half-time.” Evan's thoughts on referee Eddie Ilderton following an away defeat at Burton.

“Martin Allen said last week that he usually gets an SOS call to go and save clubs from relegation, well maybe I'll start getting them to win sides promotion.” On his promotion record.

“If I could lose a few stones I'd put myself on the teamsheet.” Ahead of a clash with Aston Villa

“It can't be an agenda against me because I keep winning promotion don't I? But we seem to be on the wrong end of a lot of decisions.”

Referees aren't at the top of Evans' Christmas card list.

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