World champion Jamie McDonnell feels worthy of recognition

Jamie McDonnell has his hand raised after beating Tomoki Kameda for a second time
Jamie McDonnell has his hand raised after beating Tomoki Kameda for a second time

Jamie McDonnell believes his latest win in America has catapulted him into company with the world’s elite fighters.

The Doncaster fighter comfortably out-pointed Tomoki Kameda in Corpus Christi, Texas to successfully defend his WBA bantamweight title, just four months after beating his Japanese foe in the US for the first time.

Few British fighters in history have campaigned successfully across the Atlantic.

And McDonnell feels his achievement is worthy of recognition, after a career-best performance in Texas.

“To come to America and win twice, winning easier the second time and getting the knockdown in the last round, it puts me up there,” he said.

“I’ve gone to America twice with the second performance twice as good as the first.

“I’ll let other people talk about where it should put me but I’ve achieved big things.

“I’ve got a couple of world titles and I think I’ve got it in me to pick up a few more.

“We’ll see what fights come my way.

After a second successive successful trip, the 29-year-old insists he would have no hesitation in returning to America for a third fight as he looks to pick up more belts at bantamweight before moving up to super bantam.

McDonnell’s two fights against Kameda were promoted by US king pin Al Haymon, who also guides the career of WBA ‘super’ champion Juan Carlos Payano, raising the likelihood of an all-WBA showdown.

McDonnell said: “Hopefully we’ll be back out there fighting someone else.

“A ring is a ring for me and I believe I’ll beat anyone at bantamweight. I believe I can clear up at the weight. I’m big and strong for the weight.

“Wherever the fight is, I’ll go there and beat them. Let’s just get the fights made.”