Wale won’t leave spotlight without a fight

READY TO GO: Josh Wale (right) insists he has never been more ready for a bout than Saturday night's clash with WBC International champion Kid Galahad (left).
READY TO GO: Josh Wale (right) insists he has never been more ready for a bout than Saturday night's clash with WBC International champion Kid Galahad (left).

JOSH Wale has had his taste of the spotlight and is refusing to let it go.

Interest in the Brampton super bantamweight’s clash with unbeaten WBC International champion Kid Galahad has been intense.

And Wale is in no mood for his time in the spotlight to end after the final bell at Hillsborough Leisure Centre on Saturday night.

He told the Times: “The build up to this fight has been unbelievable, I’ve never experienced anything like it.

“The attention you get with the fight being on Channel Five is massive and I’m loving it to be honest.

“This is what it’s all about – being involved in a fight that has such a massive buzz and genuine excitement around it.

“And when I do a number on Kid Galahad on Saturday I’ll be the next overnight superstar and I won’t be giving it up.”

Opponent Galahad has been billed as a rising star by Channel Five following his victory over Jason Booth in February and the broadcaster has confidence in the Sheffield fighter as a headline act.

But Wale is out to show he can be an even bigger star.

He said: “People in boxing know what I’m all about.

“I get in there and I give my opponent hell from the off but I’ve also got boxing ability as well.

“On Saturday night I’ve got the chance to show a wider audience what I’m all about and it’ll be me catching their eye, not Kid Galahad.”

Though he has had to deal with plenty of media requests since the fight was announced, Wale has not neglected his responsibilities in the gym.

He said: “I’ve trained harder for this fight than any other.

“I’ve been sparring with Rendall Munroe and my manager Carl Greaves has had a lot of his lads up from London.

“We’ve left no stone unturned in the build up to this one.

“Kid Galahad is a tricky fighter and we want to be fully ready for whatever comes up in there.

“But we’ve got a game plan we’re really confident in and I’m certain I’ll be coming out as the winner on Saturday night.”

Galahad – real name Barry Awad – is the favourite to win the bout and Wale is ready to punish any underestimation of his skills.

He said: “There does seem to be a bit of overconfidence from his camp and the truth is that he’s a classy kid.

“But I truly think I can get to him.

“And if I have to go the distance I know I’ve got the skills and fitness to see me through.

“They seem to think that I’m just a slugger who charges in with my head down but they forget that I won national titles as an amateur so I’ve shown I’ve got the boxing skills.

“I might gone out there all guns blazing in the past, and you’ll probably see that at some point on Saturday, but I’ve matured a lot over the last couple of years and I’ve shown I can box.

“I boxed for five rounds with a broken jaw and you don’t do that by charging in.

“I’ve been in the tough fights against some good kids but Barry hasn’t.

“People are raving over him beating Jason Booth but everyone knows Jason’s best days are behind him.

“I’m the first real tough opponent he’s had.

“He best get ready for a big shock.”