Wale vows to force hand of reluctant champions

Josh Wale (right) and mew sponsor Ian Grummett of Scaffolding Services UK Ltd.
Josh Wale (right) and mew sponsor Ian Grummett of Scaffolding Services UK Ltd.

JOSH Wale will not sit around and wait for a title shot to drop onto his lap – he is going out to give the champions no choice but to face him.

The Brampton bantamweight has waited three months since his stalemate with Craig Lyon for word of a rematch from the English champion’s camp.

Wale expected Lyon’s camp to offer him another shot following February’s draw when the bout was stopped following a clash of heads.

But with nothing forthcoming, he will return to the ring next month in Sheffield.

He told the Times: “I’ve just got to get on with it because no one is going to offer you anything on a plate.

“It’s a bit disappointing that we’ve heard nothing from Lyon’s camp because I thought we’d want to see who was the better man after how the draw came about.

“You can’t dwell on these things though and all I’ve got to do is keep winning and these opportunities will come around again.”

Wale will return at Hillsborough Leisure Centre on June 25 against an as yet unknown opponent.

He said: “We’ve not got anyone signed up yet but it’ll be a good kid to help keep progressing.”

The bout will take place on the undercard of Sheffield fighter Kell Brook’s homecoming.

Brook along with world super middleweight champion Carl Froch, has recently signed with Matchroom Sport with whom Wale’s manager Tommy Gilmour has a strong working relationship.

And the 23-year-old is hoping to reap the benefits.

He said: “The more I can get on big televised shows like this, the bigger the impact I can make.

“It’s good to be on a big show locally because I haven’t fought round here since 2008.

Wale’s career has been boosted by a new sponsorship deal from Manvers-based Scaffolding Services UK Ltd.

He said: “Ian Grummett who owns the company loves his sport and wanted to help out.

“He’s from Wombwell and he wanted to provide support where he can.

“It’s a massive help because it means I don’t have to worry about work when I’m training. I’m more than grateful.”