Video: How a Sheffield fighter plans to follow in the footsteps of a Barnsley champion

Josh Wale, the British bantamweight title winner from Barnsley, could be lined up for a world title eliminator later this year.

And that is a source of further inspiration for frequent sparring partner Tommy Frank, who wants to follow in his footsteps.

Sheffield Boxing Centre's Frank, 24, became central area super flyweight champion in April, beating Doncaster's Craig Derbyshire.

Frank is back in action in Leeds on July 14, against an unnamed opponent, and is in full training at Glyn Rhodes' Hillsborough base.

He is six years behind the much-admired Wale, who has been hoovering up the domestic titles recently, despite having nine defeats on his earlier record.

The Sheffielder says he has learned a lot during ring sessions with Wale.

Tommy Frank beats Craig Derbyshire

Tommy Frank beats Craig Derbyshire

He said Wale's resilience after his defeats showed what true professional boxers should be about.

The Wale model is one other boxers, including himself, should follow: "I think they (boxers) should live the life outside the gym as well as inside" said Frank.

"I am not a big fan of boxers ballooning up in weight and drinking and things like that.

"You get better and longer careers by looking after yourselves by keeping weight down a little bit. I understand you have to go on holiday and unwind but keep the weight down, stay in the gym all year round and it is less stress on the body.

Josh Wale

Josh Wale

"He (Wale) has done it the hard way and you have to respect him for that.

"He has been the away fighter, he has took his losses, he has lost fights that maybe he shouldn't have lost, and then he's done a full circle.

"He has been English champion, British champion, and I think he will be pushing on."

That's a path Frank wants to also pursue after seven wins in a career which started in 2016.

The super-flyweight said he wanted to keep active: "I have been a pro 18 months or so, I get out every two or three months, but things don't always work out.

"I always in the gym, ticking over, and when I get a date I ramp it up. I am always ready.

"The day you stop improving is the day you should pack it in, you should always be learning, adapting, trying new things. That is what I am doing.

"But if it's not broke, why fix it?

Frank expects his fight in Leeds to be a four or six rounder, with the hope of an English title shot.

The belt is currently held by Brad Watson, who beat Sheffield's Loua Nassa in February at Ponds Forge, on a Josh Wale undercard.

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