VIDEO: Finding out where Kell Brook stands among the elite

Kell Brook’s world title defence against Diego Chaves is a risky assignment -serving mainly as a yardstick for the Sheffield fighter’s ranking among the world’s elite welterweights.

Sheffield’s IBF champion puts his belt on the line against the rough-house Argentinian at the Arena on October 24 after hopes of contests with Floyd Mayweather and Amir Khan were dashed. His Wincobank trainer Dom Ingle believes the true value of the event will be in the way Brook is compared with others who fought Chaves.

“Everybody is waiting for the big fights” he said. “We all waited to see who Mayweather was boxing, we are looking for Khan, we are looking for all these big fights.

“Sometimes you have to make do with what is on the table. Brandon Rios was the one that was first touted and then he took himself out of the mix.

“So we have gone for the next available opponent. It keeps Kell moving in the right direction.”

But Ingle added: “It is a tough fight for what it is. It’s not really going to move Kell forward in the rankings or closer to a bigger fight, but it gives everybody an idea where Kell is compared to the Keith Thurmans and Timothy Bradleys of this world.

“If he puts in a good performance, and gets Chaves out of there at the half way mark, it is a good for American TV. He would be viable (opponent) for Bradley. We are still looking for Khan and Thurman - but this will give an idea where they all are compared to each other.”

Ingle says if Brook can get Chaves out of there early, he’ll do that. “But he is a tough kid, Chaves, nobody is underestimating him.”

The trainer said it might even be a tougher contest than that with Shawn Porter.

“Chaves is a good boxer, a good counter puncher. He’s rough and ready. He comes in with his head, shoulders, he can fight dirty if he has to. He can take fighters out of their stride if they are not careful. Kell has got to keep his composure with him.”

Kell Brook and promoter Eddie Hearn. Pic Dean Atkins

Kell Brook and promoter Eddie Hearn. Pic Dean Atkins

The South America has described the Brit as a”linear” fighter. “He probably means Kell comes in straight lines, but it’s not necessarily true. If you first look at Kell that’s what people think. Kell has got plenty of movement. Kell has got many strings to his bow. And he only pulls them out when he has to do it. Kell has got the tools to beat Chaves.”