Sheffield boxing promoter slams Eddie Hearn, Diego Chaves and PPV

Kell Brook celebrates defeating Frankie Gavin in their IBF World welterweight title fight at the O2 Arena, London
Kell Brook celebrates defeating Frankie Gavin in their IBF World welterweight title fight at the O2 Arena, London

Sheffield boxing promoter Dennis Hobson has criticised the choice of opponent to face Kell Brook at Sheffield Arena this month - but also says Argentinian visitor Diego Chaves could pose the world champion considerable danger.

Brook and Chaves lock horns on October 24 in what will be Brook’s third defence of his IBF welterweight title.

The South Yorkshireman is promoted by Eddie Hearn, who has come under fire for delivering Chaves rather than bigger names. Brook has made it clear many times that he has wanted to compete with the elite and has repeatedly said he wants to fight the likes of Floyd Mayweather (now retired) and Amir Khan.

Hobson, who denied in The Star last week that he is envious of Hearn’s exclusive grip on Sky TV shows, said Chaves was not “a big enough name to build Kell’s brand. There are marquee names out there that Kell needs to bring him into that elite category.

“There’s a lot of disappointment in this opponent. People want to see Kell test himself now against the elite, and that’s where his promoter comes in and makes those fights, and makes them over here.

“Where Kell is now in his career, I think I’d have been able to make a bigger fight by now.

“I got Clinton Woods in with Roy Jones on limited resources, so I could’ve got Kell in with someone much more substantial than Chaves. It’s not good enough and Kell will need bigger names to get his juices flowing too.

“It being on Pay-Per-View is a disgrace too, it will get boxing done away with by having fights like this on PPV. I know they’re not world title fights or as big, but we’re putting meaningful fights on freeview on Spike TV.”

Hobson said Brook’s title was in demand and Chaves “will be fighting above his usual game. There’s so much on the line Chaves will give it everything, while Kell’s danger might be not quite having that fear factor. So, he’s still got to be professional and do a clinical job. I’m sure Kell will look good against this kid, but he’s got to be mentally focused, and I’m sure he will be.”

Hearn’s Matchroom organisation rejected Hobson’s claims insisting that Brook shows always attracted big numbers both at the Arena and on Sky.

“The fight will be broadcast in the US by Showtime, so clearly there is an appetite there too” said a spokesman.

“Chaves is a name familiar to fights fans, pundits and journalists in the States.

“He is being very well paid to come over here and fight, and the TV income is obviously part of that.

“As for Chaves as an opponent, people like Timothy Bradley think he is going to beat Kell. So clearly he is a very dangerous opponent.”

If The Star’s competition for free Kell Brook tickets, (see is anything to go by, there is a healthy appetite for the Chaves showdown. We received more entries in one day than we would normally get in two weeks!

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