Sheffield boxing: City light heavyweight calls out local rival

Scott Westgarth is calling out Danny Tombs for a battle of local light heavyweight prospects.

Penistone’s Westgarth has a modest won six, lost two, drawn one record, but has already taken one Sheffield scalp in Christian Kinsiona.

He thinks he can get the better of boxer/mixed martial arts fighter Tombs, who has a won eight lost one drawn two record.

Tombs, once trained by former world champion Tim Witherspoon, has been boxing on and off for 12 years while testing his skills and endurance in MMA.

He was on the Sam Sheedy v Liam Cameron undercard, a week last Friday at Ponds Forge on a televised bill.

Westgarth said: “It would be a good fight to have, he is a local lad, a local prospect destined to do big things.

Scott Westgarth, Penistone boxer

“And with me from Newcastle but boxing out of Sheffield, I think it would be a good one for the fans, really” said the boxer, who lived up until recently in the city’s Kelham Island.

“He is above me in the rankings, just by a few spots but we are relatively closely matched, I believe.

“It would be good to see who was the better in Sheffield” said Westgarth.

“I know Danny personally, I have met him before, I know he is capable of it.

“But I think it is definitely a fight I could win. It is a good fight for either of us.”

Westgarth said 31-year-old Tombs, who beat Stannington’s Billy Boyle six years ago, “has definitely got that MMA style about him; we are very different fighters.

“I can have a fight if I want a fight. I can have a rough and tumble if he wants a rough and tumble.

“But I think I’d probably outbox him, to be fair, technically I’m probably a better boxer and he’s an all-round MMA fighter. I don’t think he is particularly the world’s best boxer, to be fair” said Westgarth, who is also 31.

Tombs has a slightly higher stoppage rate, at 27 per cent but is a few inches shorter than Westgarth. He has competed in MMA since 2013, with a mixed record.

Meanwhile, former Sheffield world champion Clinton Woods has a book out.

“Into the Woods” is a typically no-holds-barred look at his life and his boxing career which included winning a world championship. Look out for a special feature in The Star soon.

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