Sheffield boxing: Banned Kid Galahad helps others in Ingle gym

Kid Galahad enjoys the support of the Ingle team
Kid Galahad enjoys the support of the Ingle team

Dom Ingle says Kid Galahad’s his two year ban for failing a drugs test has not stopped him training - or helping others in the Sheffield gym.

Galahad, real name Barry Awad, is currently awaiting an appeal against the size of his suspension for taking the performance enhancing steroid Stanozolol.

The Anti-Doping Panel handed him a two-year ban ending in September 2016. But his trainer, Ingle, who believes Awad was the victim of a set-up, said: “He’s never missed a day in the gym. He’s got his head round the fact that he might not be back in the ring until September next year. Yet he’s still working hard and pushing the other kids.

“That’s typical of him, he’s dedicated. He’s one who will always put the hard work in. When he comes back there will be no six or eight rounders, it will be straight back to 12 rounders. There will always be people wanting to provide future fights for him.

“After that ban, a lesser kid would have packed the sport in but you’d never get that from Barry.”

Ingle has no doubt that Awad was telling the truth over the drugs discovery - Awad claims a relative spiked his supplement powder. “Barry is not the type who needs drugs, he is in great shape all year round. There are many boxers who don’t keep on an even keel all year round, but he does; he’s not the type to go out drinking and partying.”

Ingle is ‘open minded’ about the results of the appeal but admitted that the doping agency “are not here to give people an easy ride.”