Sheffield based scrapper is ‘crude but effective’

Glyn Rhodes accepts there is only so much he can do to modify and adapt “crude” scrapper Serge Ambomo’s style.

The Cameroon national washed up at Rhodes’ Sheffield gym after absconding from the Olympic village in London.

Serge Ambom - crude but effective

Serge Ambom - crude but effective

Having been granted asylum, he is a now three professionals matches into his new career and learning to live a different way of life in Burngreave.

Ambomo’s third successive victory was his most satisfying; it was over Sheffield fighter Jerome Wilson at iceSheffield, earlier this month.

It was part of his learning curve ...he suffered a flash knockdown in the first round and appeared vulnerable on the counter attack after missing a with some wild, swinging shots.

Nontheless, he won, and deservedly.

Rhodes recognises that while there are some boxing improvements which would enhance his overall game, there is little point in trying to make wholesale changes

“He is a rough and ready fighter, crude at times” he commented.

“But if I say “stop this and do this’ too many times I could undo what he is...which is an aggressive, hungry fighter

who comes to have a war.

“I can’t be too critical. He has won three straight and Jerome’s camp must now wish they’d not taken the risk. Jerome could have boxed his head off but instead he walked into a trap and fought the way Serge wanted to. It became a battle of wills, not skills which suited Serge. He’d come to fight and might have had trouble with Jerome’s sped and technique.

“The result has lessened Jerome’s stock, and ironically it will make it harder for Serge to get future fights. Not many people will ringing me to arrange a match after that result.”