Local lad Geoff signs up again

Geoff Woolhouse - Sheffield Steelers
Geoff Woolhouse - Sheffield Steelers

Geoff Woolhouse admits his job is one some people would “kill for.”

Sheffield Steelers’ second-string netminder is a local lad playing for the team he grew up watching.

Now the club has signed him on a new one year contract, marking his return for a fourth season.

Woolhouse said: “I’m happy to be part of the new squad Doug Christiansen is assembling. These are exciting times and as a lad born in the Sheffield area I’m glad that I can play a role for a team looking for silverware.

“There was nowhere else I wanted to be other than playing for the team that got me interested in the sport over 20 years ago.

“The club is overdue championships and the management are making the signings to rectify that. I have loved being a Steeler for the past three years and was happy to hear that Doug wanted me in his team. It’s my home and my life is here and to be able to have a role for your local team that is striving for success is what any professional would kill for.”

In recent years, Woolhouse earned a call up to the senior GB squad under Christiansen. Woolhouse had just six starts last season behind John DeCaro, with a goals against average of 2.67.

Christiansen said: “I expect Geoff to play a large role in our quest for silverware. Having worked with him with the national team, I know how hard he works and prepares. With Geoff back, we know that we can give our starting goalie adequate rest while maintaining a high level of performance.”