Hughes beats Polish spoiler in tricky test

Jab: Jamie Hughes finds space for a jab against the tricky Pavel Trebinksi. '           PICTURE: TREVOR PRICE
Jab: Jamie Hughes finds space for a jab against the tricky Pavel Trebinksi. ' PICTURE: TREVOR PRICE

BENTLEY prospect Jamie Hughes extended his unbeaten record with a tricky, yet ultimately comfortable points victory over the tough Pawel Trebinski at Rotherham’s Magna Centre on Friday.

The light heavyweight –based out of Rotherham’s Millennium gym – had hoped to send a message of intent to his local rivals with a dominant performance.

But Hughes was forced to work hard over the four rounds by an extremely awkward and cagey opponent who constantly looked to make life difficult.

The 29-year-old has spoken of his interest in fighting Scawthorpe youngster Luke Crowcroft in the near future in a bid to prove himself the best fighter in town around 12 and a half stone.

But he struggled to produce an explosive message for Crowcroft against Trebinksi who was the very definition of a spoiler.

As the opening bell sounded, Hughes took control of the centre of the ring and tried to trap his foe on the ropes and unload his big straight left from his southpaw stance.

Trebinski on the other hand looked reluctant to get involved and attempted to stay on the outside and break up Hughes’ rhythm by continuously tying him up.

Trebinski’s negative tactics earned him a warning from referee Michael Alexander, however it failed to make any impact on the pattern of the action which remained the same for the remainder of round.

Hughes took the stanza through his cleaner boxing.

Trebinski fought with more conviction in the second, enjoying the occasional moment of success by throwing the odd quick burst of shots then grabbing hold of Hughes.

Despite this, Hughes continued to apply the pressure and did manage to land a solid straight left at the end of the round,which seemed to stun his awkward opponent.

Hughes struggled to make any meaningful breakthrough in rounds three and four as his opponent’s awkward tactics continued to frustrate him, but he did manage to tally up the points by landing the odd straight left and right.

Hughes won every round on the referee’s score card, to take the contest 40-36.

The win now moves the 29-year-old fighter to three wins out of three, with one coming inside the distance.