Home comforts for big hitting Micky

Mickey Davies with trainer Paul Durose.
Mickey Davies with trainer Paul Durose.

THE Empress Ballrooms play host to the Yorkshire Senior Novice championships tonight and one boxer is hoping to use familiar surroundings to his advantage, writes Liam Hoden.

Big hitting Doncaster fighter Mickey Davies trains at the Ernie Oxer School of Boxing which is housed in the Empress and is keen to make home advantage count on Friday night against the best newcomers the county has to offer.

Davies has made an unbeaten start to his amateur career and is proving to be a crowd-pleaser with his devastating knockouts.

Trainer Paul Durose is confident 24-year-old Davies can win the championships.

He told the Times: “Mickey has got a devastating right cross and he’s knocked two kids out in his first three fights.

“If he gets a clean shot with that there’s not many who could stand up to it.

“Its’s not just about his power though because he’s one of the most dedicated lads you’ll ever come across.

“He trains as hard as anyone who walks through the door at the gym, and that includes the professionals.”

Davies was named club captain by the trainers at Oxers due to his dedication and the guidance he offers to the junior section.

Durose said: “Mickey might not be the most experienced boxer but he’s been brilliant with the young ones.

“He’s always stopping to gee them up and get them going in training.

“We couldn’t think of anyone better to lead the lads and lasses.

“There’ll be no one more deserving than Mickey if he does well on Friday.”

Davies is one of a number of boxers from the east of Doncaster who train at the Empress including professionals Jamie and Gavin McDonnell and Connor Nixon.

Durose said: “They’re all from the same area and have known each other a long time.

“It’s good because there’s a competitiveness between them and Mickey is determined to get some success of his own.”

The Yorkshire Senior Novice championships begin tomorrow at the Empress Ballrooms in Mexborough.

Entry is £10 for adults, £5 for under 14s. The first bell is 8pm.