Golf: First, second and third time’s a charm for Wath’s Andy!

Wath-based golfer Andy Walker.
Wath-based golfer Andy Walker.

A golfer has stunned members of his club following an unbelievable two-week spell on the green which saw him hit three hole in ones.

Andy Walker, a member at Wath Golf Club, achieved the spectacular feat in the space of 15 days.

Andy’s incredible strikes include two hole in ones on par four holes.

But he admits that he didn’t even know just how good his shots were on two of the holes because he couldn’t see them!

“I didn’t even see the ball go in with two of them because they were such long holes,” said Andy, of Kilnhurst.

“With the second one I could see it but it looked like it might have gone behind the flag.

“The third one was on a 248-yard hole, and we went and had a look where the ball had landed.

“It wasn’t there on the green and we realised it must have dropped in the hole.

“It was somebody else playing another hole that saw one of them, he said ‘it can’t be far away..’ and then it disappeared.”

Andy has been a member of the golf club for ten years and says that although he’s hit some good shots in his time, he’s not seen anything quite like his recent exploits.

And the most impressive shot of the lot came when it was most needed for Andy.

“I’ve came close to hole in ones before but I’ve not quite played a spell like this,” he told the Times.

“To be fair, the third hole in one was in a competition and I had set-off shockingly.

“I’d only scored five points before the shot.

“But it gave me the kick up the backside that I needed and got me back on par.”

However, scoring such an unlikely feat three weekends in a row comes with a downside and although he welcomes the good form, golfing tradition dictates that the scorer of a hole in one buys a round of drinks for everyone in the clubhouse!

“I’ll be trying for a fourth now but it might be an expensive one,” he added.