Gavin McDonnell: I can go the distance!

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GAVIN McDonnell believes that he has got the engine to be an effective long distance fighter and claim the titles that his twin brother Jamie boasts about winning, writes Ashley Ball.

Super-bantamweight Gavin, 26, added the British Masters title to his collection with a stoppage win over Dean Anderson last Saturday night and is confident in his ability to outlast fighters.

“I’m up at title level now and I’m beating decent kids who are at the same level as me,” said McDonnell.

“I like a tear-up but my trainers got me to hold back and I know that if I do that then I’ll suss the opponent out and take over later on in the rounds.

“It’s all about getting the right opponents at the right times.

“That’s two stoppages in a row now and I’ve proven that I can wear people down.

“Who knows what 2013 holds for me now but I’d like to win the same belts that Jamie has – then he can’t pick on me anymore for winning small ones!”

McDonnell believed that he suffered from a slow start but the early rounds were close thanks to Anderson’s eagerness to get some rounds under his belt.

Once the Dudley man started to tire, McDonnell took control and demonstrated a sharp, box and move style that eventually caused Anderson into retirement after the eighth round.

“All we really knew was that he was a bit shorter than me, that he’d be fit and game,” said McDonnell.

“It’s not a lot to go off so we had to ease our way through the first few rounds then I could tell that keeping it long would see me win the fight.”

McDonnell’s hands were swollen after the fight but that is a regular occurrence for the twins and of little concern.