DONCASTER BOWLS: Handy Andy makes history

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ANDY McIntosh (Westfield Park) successfully defended the President’s Shield (a competition for bowlers with an individual handicap of four or more) as he become the first player to win the competition more than once.

Although he was playing at Woodlands Park when he won it last season on the same green at Hexthorpe Flatts, a change of club has not done him any harm as he won five games on the day.

In the final he played Elizabeth Hall, herself winner of several Doncaster competitions in the past, and with both players starting off a handicap of four, a close game was expected.

McIntosh made the early running and led 8-6, before Hall levelled at 8-all.

McIntosh won seven of the next eight ends, however, to lead 18-10 and he looked home and dry. But Hall won the next end, and the three after as well, to close to 118-16 before McIntosh finished the game with a single and a pair for a 21-16 win.

Results: (handicaps in bracket) - second round: Paul Lawrence (4) 15 Martin Scott (4) 21, Brian Greaves (8) 11 Mick Taylor (7) 21, Elizabeth Hall (4) 21 Shirley Keeton (7) 16, Matt Griffiths (5) 17 Maureen Costello (8) 21.

Robert Thorpe (6) 21 Brian Gee (5) 11, Sue Moyles (6) 21 Susan Tetley (8) 19, Brian Clark (8) 20 Simon Hallas (4) 21, Andy McIntosh (4) 21 Rose Greaves (8) 17.

Quarter-finals: Martin Scott (4) 17 Mick Taylor (7) 21, Elizabeth Hall (4) 21 Maureen Costello (8) 20, Robert Thorpe (6) 16 Sue Moyles (6) 21, Simon Hallas (4) 20 Andy McIntosh (4) 21.

Semi-finals: Mick Taylor (7) 17 Elizabeth Hall (4) 21, Sue Moyles (6) 10 Andy McIntosh (4) 21.

Final: Elizabeth Hall (4) 16 Andy McIntosh (4) 21.

Two years after losing in the finals of both the Youth and Juvenile Handicaps, it was third time lucky for Yorkshire Main’s Natasha Jackson, as she defeated Bailey Rumney of Pilkingtons Recreation in the Youth Handicap final.

Rumney, just eight years old, was bidding to become the youngest ever winner of the trophy, but Natasha proved just too strong for him. Starting off an handicap of eight against her opponent’s nine, she quickly took a 13-10 lead before Bailey scored two singles to close the gap to one point. The next two ends were shared, but Natasha won the next six ends to finish a 21-13 winner. Her win means that the last three winners have all been the runners-up from the previous time the competition was run, giving Bailey hope for next time.

Semi-finals: Jade Davidson (10) 14 Natasha Jackson (8) 21, Hannah Brown (6) 16 Bailey Rumney (9) 21.

Final: Natasha Jackson (8) 21 Bailey Rumney (9) 13.