Club rapped over dinner


BAD manners at a cricket league dinner has led to suspensions and points deductions for a Doncaster club.

The South Yorkshire League (SYL), have punished Rossington Cricket Club along with three of their individuals after they acted following incidents at the league’s annual dinner and awards evening.

The league say they will not tolerate “boorish behaviour” on or off the field and said the club’s actions that night constituted bringing the league into disrepute.

Players and officials from Rossington were at their club table at the League’s showpiece awards dinner and their behaviour, described by someone who was there as noisy and disruptive, led to complaints.

The league held an investigation into the alleged conduct and charged the club under the rule dealing with bringing the league into disrepute.

In a statement they said: “The appeals committee decided that the unruly behaviour and aggression shown by members of Rossington CC, breached the rule” (covering disrepute).

Players from both Rossington’s teams were implicated therefore the club have had points deducted points from both teams as well as having suspensions imposed on three players.

The first XI, which plays in Division One after gaining promotion in 2010, were deducted 14 points from the start of next season with a further 14 point deduction suspended to the end of the season.

The club’s second XI, which is in Division Four, have been deducted seven points with a further seven points suspended to the end of the season. The heaviest individual punishment goes to Colin Sherrington who has been banned for 10 weeks starting on April 21 with a further four weeks suspended to the end of the season.

Stewart Groves receives an eight-week ban from April 14.

Michael Richardson was handed a four-week ban commencing on April 21 plus a further four-week ban suspended until the end of the season

The League’s Disciplinary Officer Richard Tong said in a statement: “The SYL will not tolerate boorish and aggressive behaviour on or off the field.

“In recent years we have developed a poor reputation around the Yorkshire area leagues for indiscipline and this has become a concern.

“The League has made great strides in most areas in the recent past and we hope to emulate these successes in the area of discipline.

“Shortly, we expect to announce an amended disciplinary code which will kick in this coming season.”

The league acknowledged as “a positive step” the fact that Rossington had made it clear to the league they were aware of their shortcomings. They had submitted to the League’s Disciplinary Committee details of their plans for the future.

Rossington have not been available for comment.