Can Sheffield’s Kell Brook beat Gennady Golovkin? Mixed views in our poll

Sheffield welterweight Kell Brook can create history if he beats undisputed middleweight Gennady Golovokin and become a two-weight world champion.

Golovkin once said Brook was too small to fight; he may live to rue those words when the pair meet in London on September 10.

Some of South Yorkshire’s boxing community believe Kell can turn the world order upside down - former world champion Clinton Woods would put money on a Brook win. Others have their doubts:

Woods: “He has got a great chance, everybody is talking about GGG as though he’s going to steam-roller him. Golovkin KOs people but he does get hit, Kell doesn’t. If Kell can carry his power up to the weight, he is going to give GGG all kinds of trouble. GGG hasn’t fought anybody with Kell’s power. Kell has a style to beat him, making him miss, then counter him. I’d put a bet on Kell to win.”

Amer Khan: Kell will do what Tyson Fury did to Wladimir Klitschko: shake up the world. GGG is very good but look at his last three opponents, they all have boxed boxers with losing records got the wins then they have been knocked out by GGG.

“That’s not the case with Kell. The Brendan Ingle style will beat most boxers if applied correctly. This is Kell’s destiny to win if it wasn’t then he’d have stopped boxing a long time ago with his weight issues, his stabbing and injuries. Kell was jumping with joy in the gym when it got announced. He needs the challenge because he’s made quality opponents look average and not got recognition. Kell will be fully hydrated and not worrying about weight for once; GGG won’t know what’s hit him!”

Kell Brook

Kell Brook

Jon Buster Keeton: GGG is considered the best and a feared fighter so it just shows what Kell is made of. Where are all the haters saying he ducked Khan? Kell is massive at welter and will easy fit the middleweight division infact I think this will suit him taking the restrictors off a performance car he will fight at full capacity. With the Ingle formula they will be working on nulifying GGG’s jab and to create the space for Kell to land accurate shots. The GGG camp is in for a shock. Kell will box his way through in a thriller to get the win.”,

Navid Mansouri: “Credit to Kell for taking this huge fight. Moving up two weight divisions is a massive step. It’s a huge pay day and a chance to show yourself on a big scale, Kell knows this is a dangerous fight and GGG is big and powerful so he needs to be 100%.”

Muheeb Fazeldin: “Kell has a gift to shine under pressure. He should be ok because he should go in with a good mind set. People will write him off but am sure if you put your head in to something nothing is impossible.”

Glyn Rhodes: “Boxing is all about taking risks but history shows that very few small guys can step up to beat big guys also as well as the big step up in weight he’s facing a very formidable kid whose amateur and professional record are unbelievable. The only way I could see Kell winning is if he could stay away and fight at long range but I’m afraid sooner or later Golovkin would close the gap. We are not only talking about a very smart boxing brain here but someone whose former opponents say he has incredible power when he connects.

As much as I would like to see Kell I just think the step up is just too much, but anything can happen.”

Lee Connelly: “A good big man beats a good little man but GGG is a potentially all time great, not just good. It would be great to see a Sheffield boy shock the boxing world.”

Wayne Reed: “If he wins Kell can name his pay days and choose his fights. If he loses and looks good still puts him in there for massive fights and if he loses badly back to his division. Brave man for taking the fight.”

Dave Fidler: Kell will go for it and has power/precision/accuracy to trouble triple G. Kell is a massive welterweight however look how triple G exposed and took a part a durable, big middleweight (now super middleweight) Martin Murray. Can Kell do it? I think he can or come really close. With the crowd behind him at the O2 this will play a a massive part.”

Liam Cameron: Eddie Hearn has delivered a massive fight. Kell hits like a mule himself. With his accurate punching and moving around the ring who knows what will happen?

Paul Silky Jones: Golovkin is the Marvin Hagler of his day and is likely the best pound-for-pound fighter around. Kell is also a class act, a fighter who became a world champion in the lion’s den; that shows character but also the levels he can reach. Kell will be tremendously strong by going up in weight and it will be an advantage to his style of fight, so if anyone has a chance of beating this future hall of famer it can be Sheffield’s own Special One. But I’d be in denial if I didn’t say it’s a tall order and it will also come as no shock if Kell does not hear the final bell against a monster of a puncher. Win, lose or draw Kell has gone up in the boxing world’s estimation by taking a fight of this magnitude.

Ross Burkinhsaw: “Did I see this coming? 100% no! Can Kell compete with the middle weight destroyer two divisions bigger? 110% yes. Is it a tall order 200% yes but knowing kell since I was 12 years old and the physical and mental attitude needed to climb the top of the pound-for-pound tree I have no doubt that he can compete at the elite level and yes he can win. Look at Lloyd Honeghan v Don Curry; look at Buster Douglas. Kell Brook has dared to dream and I and all of Sheffield indeed all of England will dream the same dream. You can do it Kell, I love you Babbi!”

Jerome Wilson: The magnitude of this challenge will be seen by many as a crazy one that could only end in tears, with a massive pay cheque to soften the blow. On the other hand Brook’s style gives him a chance of an upset. If Brook believes he stands a genuine chance of winning, he will have to negate what GGG does so well. GGG is so durable and shows no signs of being hurt when he fights, he takes shots flush on the chin showing no sign of weakness. Boxing 12 rounds with this beast will take some doing.”