Boxing: Sheffield's Sam Sheedy gets title shot after win in Rotherham tonight

Weigh in picture before the Hobson show
Weigh in picture before the Hobson show

Sam Sheedy was tonight celebrating a split decision win which puts him in the frame for a British and Commonwealth title showdown.

In his first fight at middleweight Sheedy (aged 28) won by a single point over Andrew Robinson (31) (Worcestershire) in the eliminator at the Magna Centre, Rotherham.

Sam Sheedy and Andrew Robinson

Sam Sheedy and Andrew Robinson

It was Sheedy's 17th win, and it came after 10 gruelling rounds on the Dennis Hobson show.

Both exhausted fighters appeared to celebrate victory before the judges' verdicts.

Sheedy, very much the counter-puncher against a wave of assaults, had the cleaner work in the first half of the fight.

But he faded towards the end of later rounds and Robinson could at least have merited a draw, in many peoples' eyes.

Tommy Frank

Tommy Frank

The Sheffield man was happy to showboat with gestures and goading remarks through much of the fight.

Now bigger fish lay ahead for the Glyn Rhodes-trained southpaw.

There were wins for all other local competitors tonight other than Dinnington's Darren Snow who was stopped convincingly by heavy-handed Clinton Woods fighter Joss Paul.


Sheedy v Robinson

Sheedy v Robinson

Lightweight Nathan Kirk (Stapleford, Nottinghamshire,) 6 2 0 bt Joe Beeden 2 38 1 (Swindon)

Super Welterweight RP Davies (Blackpool) 8 1 0 bt Edvinsas Puplauskas, of Lithuania.

Light Heavyweight Chris Dutton (32) 1 0 0 bt Scott Aitken 1 2 0 (Leeds) (32)

Cruiserweight Joss Paul (26) 4 0 0 bt Darren Snow 2 5 1 (Dinnington) (34)

Light Heavyweight Christian Kinsiona (26) (Sheffield) 2 0 1 bt Mitch Mitchell 6 47 3 (28) (Lincoln)

Super Flyweight Tommy Frank (23, Intake, Sheffield) debut bt Sergey Tasimov 1 7 0 (41, Estonia)

Middleweight Reece Cartwright ( 22 Leeds) 13 0 0 bt Marcin Cybulski, 30 of Poland.

Meanwhile Conisborough's Dave Allen says he is heartbroken after being beaten by Brixton's Dillian Whyte at Leeds tonight.

He lost by a unanimous decision in the WBC International title bout.

"Heartbroken I lost I have it what I had on the night respect to Dillian Whyte and thanks to everyone massively" he tweeted.