Angling: Pickering scoops place in £50k final

Barnburgh lakes fishing. Paul Crooks (48) from Thurnscoe. Picture: Malcolm Billingham
Barnburgh lakes fishing. Paul Crooks (48) from Thurnscoe. Picture: Malcolm Billingham

England’s feeder team captain Tom Pickering (Preston Innovations) won the Maver Match qualifier fished on the Oaks fishery at Sessay for a place in the £50,000 final.

The Doncaster man was on peg 35 on Beech and fished 4mm pellet shallow on the pole at 7m to take carp to 2lb in his winning 128-6-0 total.

Rob Minikin (Sonubaits) was second with 105-6-0, James Hughes (Maver Bag Em Baits) took third with 100-2-0, Lee Thornton (Bag Em) was fourth with 89-15-0.

England international and five time world champion Alan Scotthorne (Drennan) was fifth with 89-4-0 and John Allerton (Tricast) sixth with 88-11-0.

Doncaster AA’s latest open, fished on the Hacienda section of the New Junction canal by 30 anglers, saw Richard Vaughan (Normanton) win with 34-9-0 of bream and hybrids taken on the groundbait feeder with chopped worm and caster.

Runner up Trevor Banks (Mosella Selby) 27-8-0 was followed by 3 Gary Charles (Clay Lane) 18-8-0, 4 Nick Gray (Normanton) 18-0-0 and 5 Nathan Young (Normanton) 15-4-0.

Bank End

Sun, 31 fished: 1st Dave Porritt (Doncaster) 104-10-0, carp on pellet, peg 11. 2nd Phil Gullitt (Clay Lane) 96-14-0 3rd Kev Holvey (Tricast) 88-3-0 4th John Lindsay (Bank End) 73-1-0 5th Sean O’Mally (Clay Lane) 71-8-0 6th Graham Housley (Bank End) 71-1-0.

Phoenix and Parkgate

Tues Eve, Ravenfield ponds, 14: 1st Derek Jackson (Pheonix and Parkgate) 28-8-0, tench on pole with corn, peg 67. 2nd Stuart Senior (Pheonix and Parkgate) 26-8-0 3rd Andy Pounder (Pheonix and Parkgate) 23-8-0 4th Don Senior (Pheonix and Parkgate) 15-8-0 5th Trevor Parkin (Pheonix and Parkgate) 9-0-0.


Over 50s, Tues, Top pond: 1st Paul Brunyee (Castleford) 49-8-0, F1’s on pole and pellet. 2nd J Simms (Barnburgh) 39-12-0 3rd= B Armstrong (Barnburgh) and Andy Shoepack (Barnburgh) both 31-8-0.

Weds, Top pond: 1st Pete Gosney (Barnburgh) 87-5-0, F1’s on pole and pellet. 2nd Ryan Law (Barnburgh) 84-1-0 3rd Andy Mack (Barnburgh) 79-1-0 4th Les Peace (Barnburgh) 69-2-0.

Sun: Pete Gosney (Barnburgh) 97-11-0, F1’s on pole and pellet. 2nd Nick Terrington (Barnburgh) 92-4-0 3rd Les Peace (Barnburgh) 83-11-0 4th Andy Stoner (Barnburgh) 73-8-0.

Woodhouse Grange

Weds, Kingfisher, 10: 1st Tony Clegg (Woodhouse Grange) 92-10-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 19. 2nd Andy Spick (Woodhouse Grange) 88-10-0 3rd Paul Carling (Woodhouse Grange) 64-8-0.

Thurs, Dog Kennel, 9: 1st Andy Lavarall (Woodhouse Grange) 28-4-0, carp on pole and pellet, peg 35. 2nd Ian Green (Woodhouse Grange) 28-0-0 3rd Nigel Kilburn (Woodhouse Grange) 25-14-0.

Sat, Cobble, 15: 1st Bernie Larder (Woodhouse Grange) 52-8-0, carp on feeder and pole with pellet, peg 46. 2nd Ian Taylor (Cats and Dogs) 51-8-0 3rd Malc Scott (Goole) 41-0-0.

Sun, Cobble, 16: 1st John Stone (Woodhouse Grange) 54-7-0, carp on pole and corn in the margins, peg 25. 2nd Graham Martin (Sheffield) 54-0-0 3rd Chris Day (Woodhouse Grange) 51-6-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft

Mon, Veterans Costcutter, Bridge pool, 18: 1st Ian Donaldson (Notts AA) 93-2-0, carp and skimmers on maggot and caster, peg 26 island. 2nd Nigel Wood (Hallcroft) 86-14-0

Sat, Moat, 20: 1st Dave Dare (Marukyu) 153-4-0, carp on pole with maggot over groundbait at 6m and in the margins, peg 37 island. 2nd Craig Owen (Doncaster) 82-13-0 3rd Steve Conroy (Sheffield) 78-5-0 4th R Walker (Rotherham) 70-0-0 5th Andy Oldham (Halkon Hunt) 69-12-0.

Sun, Moat outer, 28: 1st Andy Oldham (Halkon Hunt) 185-10-0, carp on pole and meat shallow at 12m, peg 67. 2nd Jamie Masson (Maver/Marukyu) 167-2-0 3rd Brian Sullivan (Maltby) 104-6-0 4th Pete Miles (Doncaster) 98-13-0 5th Jason Thomas (Subfish) 95-0-0.