Allen ‘can bring back the heavyweight glory days’

Dave Allen
Dave Allen

Dave Allen can restore the glory days of Bruce Woodcock according to Stefy Bull.

Promoter Bull has linked up with Conisbrough heavyweight Allen and is hoping to guide him to title glory in boxing’s most high-profile weight class.

And he is excited at the prospect of Allen potentially following in the footsteps of one of Doncaster’s greatest fighters.

“Not since the days of Bruce Woodcock has there been so much potential for a heavyweight champion from Doncaster,” Bull said. “I’ve been involved in boxing most of my life and I can’t remember anyone really flying the flag for Doncaster at heavyweight.

“Dave has the potential to do that.

“As I’ve said before, he’s got what it takes to be British champion at the least, provided he applies himself in the right way. And that will definitely excite the public’s imagination.

“For some reason, heavyweight boxing is what gets the wider public excited and interested.

“You can see it with Anthony Joshua. He’s emerging as a massive star already.

“If people hear about a successful heavyweight fighter from Doncaster, it will bring them out.

“People will want to see him in action because there’s always that interest in heavyweights.

“That’s what Dave has the potential to generate and he needs to recognise that.”

“It’s not about getting too excited and over-blowing things. He needs to get his head on boxing and concentrate on performing in the ring. But there’s that opportunity to bring back the glory days of heavyweights around here.”