Special report: Referee Amy Hood, 19, tipped for a bright future in football

Amy Hood
Amy Hood

Teenage football referee Amy Hood is being tipped for a bright future in the sport.

The 19-year-old has made a dream start to life in the Doncaster Sunday Alliance League this season and enjoyed the sort of reviews many more experienced officials would cherish.

One of the teams in action in her first Alliance game said that they would be delighted to have her referee them every week even though she showed one of their players a red card.

League secretary John Steele was also impressed.

“It was great to hear their comments,” said Armthorpe-based Amy, who cut her teeth in the Doncaster Boys League.

“I turned up for that game as a young female and also as a fresh face in the league.”

Amy is well on the way to getting the required number of games under her belt before February to enable her to move up to the next grade and has no regrets taking on the job.

“I remember my first game as a referee in the Boys League and someone in the crowd shouting ‘go back to ballet lessons’.

“Since then I’ve learnt to switch off from the crowd.

“Obviously I’ve heard one or two comments over the years but I don’t take them personally.

“One thing I’ve learnt is that it is always the referee’s fault if a team loses but as long as there are not derogatory comments I take it all in my stride.

“I like to let the players know why I’ve awarded a free-kick or carded them because when people are left in the dark over decisions that’s when they tend to complain.

“I’m always talking to them and I compliment them on good play and I’ve found that works very well.”