Rovers Survey: Ryan return is what majority of fans wanted

John Ryan
John Ryan

The majority of Doncaster Rovers fans have got their wish - John Ryan is back.

Almost a half (49%) of respondents to our Big Doncaster Rovers Survey wanted Ryan to return as chairman.

One in three (30%) said they would like to see Ryan back on the board, while one in five (21%) were content with the boardroom situation as it stood prior to last week’s developments.

Gary Elsmore, of Barnby Dun, was in favour of a Ryan return.

“Because he is a Rovers fan through and through and he does put his hand in his pocket,” he said.

“John Ryan is a legend in the eyes of every fan,” said Ryan Davies. “I’d love to have him back.”

While M Gilbert added: “I’ve supported Rovers for 64 years and he is the best thing to happen to us.”

“His record speaks for itself,” said Alan Broughton, of Balby.

Doris Hempstock. of Auckley, cautiously voted in favour of Ryan returning. She said: “John Ryan has been wonderful for Doncaster Rovers but two decisions lately - the McKay experiment and bringing in friend Paul Dickov - have been bad for the club. I do think he needs others there to help keep some control.”

Collette Duke, from Sheffield, said: “I am a big JR fan but do think he spat the dummy out last season and it did neither the club or him any good. It would be a positive move for both sides if he came back as chairman.”

Gill Shepherd, of Branton, said: “John Ryan saved Rovers after Richardson and almost single handedly gave us the most amazing run of success we have had in my lifetime.
“I respect John for all that he has done but do think he perhaps got a bit carried away with the Sequentia events and behaved more as a fan than a chairman.”

Adam Binks said: “We owe him for being where we are today, and not playing against Goole AFC on a cold Wednesday night.

“However, we need someone as chairman who has ambitions of pushing us towards the higher reaches of the game, and has the money to help us do so.”

Ian White, from Askern, was less convinced about Ryan returning. “Needs a whole new board. We can’t keep expecting John Ryan to bail us out,” he said.

Similarly Matt Groves, from Cantley commented: “There’s no denying his legendary status at the club but nothing he did last season was for the benefit of Doncaster Rovers and he should concentrate on being a fan from now on.”

Tom O’Donnell, meanwhile, was also left unimpressed by the events of last season. He said: “John Ryan is too devisive and his behaviour at Barnsley was ludicrous and unhelpful. Thanks for all you have done John but it’s time to move on.”