Rotherham United: Warne issues tour challenge to Millers players

Paul Warne
Paul Warne

Rotherham United boss Paul Warne has laid down the gauntlet to his players ahead of their pre-season tour to Austria.

The Millers squad fly to Vienna on Sunday, a day after their opening pre-season friendly against Parkgate, to embark on an intensive week-long training camp at the Lindabrunn Sportschule.

Foundations for last season’s League One promotion campaign were built on last summer’s tour and a gruelling week is in store.

New signings Clark Robertson, Kyle Vassell and Zak Vyner will be integrated into the Millers environment.

Fitness fanatic Warne, who was leading the running during three separate training sessions at Roundwood yesterday, said: “I’ve been running four miles a day every day for the past few weeks because I know I’m going to run with the team in Austria. And they know that.

“I texted a lot of the lads before they returned for pre-season training to say I’m in great shape! Seven o’clock every morning in Austria, we will run up the hills, I’ll be at the front and they have to stay with me.

“Those runs could be the day after a game. They could play the night before and the they get up and they run.

“That has no physical benefit, none. It does for me because it makes me look great, but it doesn’t for them.

“It’s a mental thing. It gets a bit of camaraderie and that’s what you need. You need that in the last minute of games, you need that when you want people to clear the ball off the line. ”

The Millers are being linked with Rangers’ Lee Hodson, while reported loan target Ryan Yates has signed a contract extension at Nottingham Forest.