Rotherham United: Fans have their say in Millers Player of the Year poll

Richie Smallwood
Richie Smallwood

Star writer Paul Davis cast an early vote last week for midfielder Richie Smallwood as Rotherham United Player of the Year. We asked Millers fans on social media for their opinion and, despite honourable mentions for skipper Craig Morgan, keeper Adam Collin, Kari Arnason and Ben Pringle, there was only one winner.

Sam Hadfield: Smallwood, best player in that position we’ve had in a long time.

Nicholas Skidmore: Deffo Smallwood.

David Downey: Smallwood, class all season.

Denise Morris: It has to be Richie Smallwood. Not only does he play 100% every match but he is a team player. Must also mention that, having met him with my daughter, he is the perfect gentleman.

Lee Carpenter: Smallwood does it for me. Does the ugly things so well. Love him.

Gary Holden: Smallwood or Green for me.

Ben Ashton: Smallwood all day long. Say it every week that he has been our best acquisition this season!

Brett Ogden: Richie Smallwood without doubt. Cass above! Would have said Green for first part of season.

Lewis Cheetham: Easily Smallwood.

Steve Cooper: Smallwood by a mile.

Martin Corker: I’d go for Morgan, he’s a rock at the back.

Mark Mullins: Smallwood. Half the time what he does goes unnoticed. First name on teamsheet for me.

Sean Thompson: Has to be Smallwood. Just goes to show you don’t have to spend millions to find a great player!!

John Stuart: ARNASON.

Dylan Frere: Definitely Smallwood. Been a consistent top-drawer performer.

Roy Herbert: Smallwood all the way. Collin second due to a few blips but still best keeper in a long while!

Matthew Robinson: Easily Smallwood.

Ben Thomas: Smallwood by a mile.

Timothy Nemeth: Smallwood, because he breaks the opposition’s play down so much. He’s now started distributing the ball a lot better. Can’t wait to see the player he grows into.

Jonathan Bates: Have to agree with your choice, Paul!

Andy Ferguson: Good players make the game look easy. Richie Smallwood breaks up attacks and retains possession week in, week out. Nailed on player of the season.

Tony Murphy: Smallwood gets my vote. Top player, always there when needed.

Dawn Fox: Smallwood all the way ... always gives 100%.

Vic Walsh: Pringle for me. He’s an all-round player.

Lee Fandango Guilliam: Smallwood, super-consistent. Green has been good in a lot of games

Connor Worrall: My opinion is no-one is player of the year. Season not even over and players can dramatically improve and be consistent for the remaining games.

Dave Mills: Definitely Smallwood. He’s class.

Dean Webster: Smallwood by an absolute mile. Nobody even close to him.

Thomas Webb: Smallwood. Does all the unnoticed stuff that is so vital to us winning games.

Danny Taylor: Smallwood, because he is the best CDM in the league. He is fast and he has a good workrate.

Michael Thomas: Got to be Smallwood. Someone who didn’t impress much in League One but then goes from strength to strength in the Championship. If the opposition get past the other midfielders, Smallwood is always the one there.

Brinny Mick: Smallwood is a top call. He has come on well as the season’s gone on.

Matt Carnall: Smallwood. Never backs out of a tackle and wins the vast majority of them.

Joy Calladine: Smallwood.

Keith Davis: Smallwood without a doubt.

John Norton: Definitely Smallwood.