PAUL GOODWIN: Forget Dream Team - it’s real-life drama at Doncaster Rovers

John Ryan's departure was just one twist during another rollercoaster year for the Rovers.
John Ryan's departure was just one twist during another rollercoaster year for the Rovers.

I used to think following Harchester United was a little far-fetched.

Fans of the old Sky One football drama Dream Team will remember copious amounts of deaths, sackings and last minute winners, not to mention plane crashes, bungs and explosions.

It was all a bit much to be honest, minus the bungs obviously.

But if TV chiefs, perish the thought, ever considered a reality show inside a football club, they’d be well advised to follow the ups and downs of Doncaster Rovers.

And I’m not just referring to Rovers’ annoying tendency to play brilliantly one week and badly the next either.

Seriously, I’m well aware that I’m in danger of repeating myself here, but there is NEVER a dull moment at this football club. And, then again, would you want it any other way?

You would think things might calm down a bit after four months of a rollercoaster season that have been completely overshadowed by events off the field: an on-off takeover, the shock resignation of the man who saved the club from extinction and then the somewhat controversial buy-out of the town’s rugby league club.

But oh no, the storylines just keep on coming. And this week’s latest episode is well a worth a re-wind and pause.

The latest sub-plot is the speculation linking Paul Dickov with neighbours Sheffield Wednesday - it’s a worry.

Dickov’s one-year rolling contract at Rovers makes him susceptible to a more lucrative and lengthier offer. And now his big mate John Ryan has gone, he is minus one very vocal and bullish ally in the boardroom.

Why would he leave Rovers for Wednesday you ask? For the same reasons any of us consider moving jobs; money, security, prospects.

It might only be speculation but it’s speculation Rovers could do without.

As if to emphasise Rovers’ storied past and present, the club also unveiled plans to turn the Keepmoat Stadium’s concourses into a walk-in museum this week.

It’s a nice idea, and reinforces the current owners’ commitment to the local community.

However, Rovers really have to be careful not to take their eye off the ball when it comes to the football - the priority should be securing a happy ending in this season’s Championship.