Paul Dickov column: Injuries are down to bad luck - nothing else

Paul Dickov was pleased with the performance, for 90 minutes, against Ipswich.
Paul Dickov was pleased with the performance, for 90 minutes, against Ipswich.

Our injury situation can only be put down to one thing - bad luck.

Apart from Nathan Tyson, all the others are impact injuries. You can’t legislate for them.

Even when Nathan did his hamstring he was over-stretching from a bad tackle, so you could put that down to impact too.

If we were getting loads and loads of muscle injuries, we would have a look at how we train, we would look at the pitches, the players’ diets and everything else.

But it’s knees, ankles, necks, hips - all through impacts.

You’ve just got to put it down to being a bit unlucky.

It’s left us light in terms of numbers but I’m not going to blame injuries for bad performances.

When you go back to last Saturday at Port Vale I’m not going to make excuses for that sort of performance.

We showed against Wigan with a small squad, and we showed it again on Tuesday night against Ipswich for 90 minutes with a small squad, that we’re capable of getting performances.

It’s the competition for places which helps. It gives me the option to change things within a game, or from game to game if I need to, and it takes a load off some of the players.

It was only three weeks ago that the season started and this is our seventh game on Saturday. We’ve had two extra-times within that.

Sometimes you need to freshen it up and hopefully we’ll be able to get a couple of experienced bodies in to help the squad.

I still think, with the six injuries that we’ve got, once we get them back the squad’s looking really strong.

The performance at Port Vale was nowhere near good enough though. We were a lot better on Tuesday night.

We want to get the ball forward early at times, and we want to keep the ball. That was a really pleasing aspect the other night, the way we mixed it up. Our attacking play was excellent and I expect a similar performance from the boys tomorrow.

The lads know it was like chalk and cheese, looking back on Saturday and Tuesday.

They’re a lot more comfortable with the performance against Ipswich and the mood’s really good.

There’s a determination about them to get that first win on the board.