Paul Dickov column: I’m working with one of my best ever playing squads

The Rovers players have gelled well, says Doncaster boss Paul Dickov.
The Rovers players have gelled well, says Doncaster boss Paul Dickov.

I’ve been delighted with what I have seen on the training ground during the international break - the reaction from the players has been fantastic.

I do believe that, at the minute, it’s probably one of the best squads I’ve ever worked with in terms of togetherness and how they have come together in such a short space of time.

Our new players have all settled in well, they’re a really good bunch we’ve got in the dressing room at the moment.

The team spirit is building and that’s one thing that is really important to me.

The more the weeks get on, the team spirit is getting better and better and you can tell as a group that they are all together.

As a manager, that’s pleasing to see.

The type of player and how they are as a person plays a massive part in our recruitment.

We don’t just want to look at players’ abilities and how they play on a Saturday.

What we’re trying to do is a lot of background work; what they’re like as people and especially how they are going to integrate into the current group that we’ve got.

They can be the best player but if they can’t integrate into the group that we’ve got and buy into what we’re doing, we won’t sign them. It’s as simple as that.

If you speak to the boys, they will say it’s a good dressing room and that it’s only going to get better as the season goes on.

They’ve all bought into what we’re trying to do here as a club and they’re all wanting to do well in this division.

In terms of a new player coming into the team, we just chuck them into the middle of the changing room and let them deal with it!

Of course I’m joking, in fact, what we do have here is a really good, strong core of experienced players who can help new players settle in.

When you’ve got the likes of Rob Jones, Richie Wellens, James Coppinger and Paul Keegan already in there, that’s brilliant for us as a staff.

They’ve been in the game for a long time themselves and they’ve all been there in terms of joining a new club. They also know what it takes to be successful at Doncaster Rovers.

They know how hard it can be as a new player coming into a new club so it helps me as much as the staff’s work in settling in a player. Our players do a lot of that work and that’s a pleasing thing for me.