‘New’ Denaby get thumbs up from Rovers chairman

Doncaster Rovers chairman John Ryan
Doncaster Rovers chairman John Ryan

DONCASTER Rovers chairman John Ryan has offered words of encouragement for resurrected club Denaby United as they take their first steps back into football.

Ryan penned a letter to officials at the Doncaster Senior League Division One club to wish them well and told them they have ‘a friend for life’ in Rovers.

He wrote: “May I wish Paul Neilson and his colleagues at the newly reformed Denaby United all the very best on reforming and having ambition for the future.

“If you have no positive aims, no direction and in two words, “no ambition”, then what is the purpose in running a football team.

“We might have reached the Championship ten years after going out of the Football League, but the desire and passion is still there to go that one step further.    

“It doesn’t get any easier for us with all this money swishing about from parachute payments or foreign investment, and it won’t for you at the other end of the scale.

“But if you all stick together and work as one, then you will punch above your weight like ourselves, and come out on top.

“When I was a lad and even in the days when I first discovered a Gillette razor, Denaby United was synonymous to the South Yorkshire soccer chit-chat on football matters.

“Then what a tragedy to hear of its demise like the local coal industry, but now the proud club’s name is to make a comeback and rise again like the phoenix from the ashes.

“We came back after the failed arson attempt to see the grandstand reduced to ashes at Belle Vue and heartbroken supporters carrying coffins.

“From small acorns, large oak trees grow, and it will take time, but the name Denaby United alone will attract players and managers down the line.

“Put the club to the forefront of everyone, as the modern terminology goes, “in peoples’ faces”.

“Play hard but fair, be straight with everyone and the rest will take care of itself.

“All the very best to you all and always remember this, you have a friend for life in Doncaster Rovers .”

Denaby were delighted with Ryan’s words and have built links with Rovers they hope to develop in the future.