Mailbag: It’s time to show John our support, says former chairman Trevor Milton

Trevor Milton and John Ryan
Trevor Milton and John Ryan

Like all Doncaster Rovers supporters I was both sad and horrified to see John Ryan announce his resignation at the Barnsley game last Saturday.

John Ryan was obviously disappointed to see a lack of support from the other investors and their failure to take advantage of the large investment which the Sequentia Captial Group were prepared to put up money for the restructure of the club.

And, what is more, see it keep its place in the Championship, and with visions for taking the club even further. Something the present investors were not prepared to do it seems.

When John told me some time ago that he was bringing in local millionaires to help keep the club afloat I pleaded with him to look for someone genuinely interested in football, even if we had to approach an American, an Arab or a Russian, as they would at least have an interest and love of the game.

But, unfortunately, John had to get money where he could, although I did say that to be one of a triumvirate he would be the odd man out.

After three to four years my prophecy has proved correct and he has been disposed of.

I was chairman for about two years when John was busy and then I handed the reins back to him.

I know better than most the work and dedication he had put into his beloved Rovers.

Now the ship is one left without a rudder and before it sinks into oblivion through lack of interest and motivation it is therefore time for all supporters to stand up and be counted- Deliah Smith of Norwich City style -”Let’s be having you-where are you?”

Everyone with a love of Doncaster Rovers needs to express themselves every way possible before the present regime causes a disaster and then walk away.

It is up to us all to show our support for John Ryan and those close to him to see the club gets back to its former glory which was enjoyed until the recent time span I have referred to earlier.

Rovers Till I Die

Trevor Milton

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