LIAM HODEN: A goalscorer will help back Dickov’s ‘good enough’ claim

Chris Brown is only half the solution to Rovers' problems.
Chris Brown is only half the solution to Rovers' problems.

In a piece elsewhere on this website, Paul Dickov asserts his belief that Rovers are ‘good enough’ to stay up this season.

It is exactly the sort of statement you would expect any manager to deliver in his situation.

Despite no wins in nine, despite just two points being accrued from a possible 24 and despite netting just three goals in the last eight league matches, there is some weight to Dickov’s words.

He refers to the second half performance at Blackburn last weekend as evidence to back his assertion.

Rovers certainly performed well after the break at Ewood Park, the midfield showing a renewed energy and vigour to play their way through the hosts.

Harry Forrester looked like a player who could make things happen, particularly in small passing triangles with the likes of Richie Wellens and James Coppinger.

And James Husband’s return brought some much needed pace to the midfield ranks, stuff that can frighten opposition full backs.

Confidence looked to be growing again in the camp and Rovers looked capable of playing the football they started the season in such pleasing style with.

The problem in Lancashire, as it has been for too long this season, is the lack of goals and more specifically the lack of goal threat.

There was positivity from the Rovers midfield but it was positivity on a tether.

Players rarely charged forward into advanced positions, clearly worried about leaving gaps should the hosts launch a counter attack.

Desperate to make things happen, as he always is, Chris Brown dropped deep to win the ball and in doing so left a major gulf in the final third that Rovers really needed to be filled.

In my match report a few page turns away, I suggest Brown is possible too hard working for his own good – his desire to make things happen sometimes having a negative effect.

That is not to say Brown should not have a place in the starting XI. In fact, he should be one of the first names on the team sheet.

But Brown is only one half of what Rovers really need right now. His hard work in the opposition half is vital but he should not take most of the weight of the goalscoring burden.

Dickov is well aware of the urgent need for new attacking options and will have spent the last fortnight with a phone pressed to his ear.

Someone who will take up the goalscoring mantle with aplomb will be vital for Rovers’ survival hopes this term.

If Dickov can deliver that this month, his belief that Rovers are ‘good enough’ to stay up will be shared by plenty more.