Leeds United: could their ground have been a new Meadowhall?

Norman bites yer legs
Norman bites yer legs

I saw something in the paper the other day that raised an eyebrow.

Ken Bates (yes that Ken Bates) says he once tried to flog Leeds United to Barnsley-born millionaire Paul Sykes.

He said it fell through because folk on Facebook (or something) were being beastly to them.

“Unfortunately social media gives anyone the Dutch courage to slag off people in a way they would never do face-to-face. It has lost Leeds three really good investors. I talked to Paul Sykes, who was a Leeds fan, and he told me he didn’t need the aggravation” said Bates.

So that’s a very rich Leeds fan, (he’s rumoured to have £400m in the bank) not wanting to own Leeds.

I like it.

We can all thank the Lord that didn’t happen, as Leeds are going nowhere fast, it seems, and I wouldn’t have wanted to see any money going into players were going to change that.

But here’s another thought.

Wasn’t it Sykes the bloke that built that big shopping precinct near the M1.

They call it Meadowhall, I believe?

Maybe if he HAD bought Elland Road, it could have been a shiny, new superstore complex by now.

Now that would have been a proper investment.