Johnson looks at himself as he seeks Reds improvement

Barnsley boss Lee Johnson
Barnsley boss Lee Johnson

Barnsley boss Lee Johnson wants his side to stick firm to their beliefs.

And if his players do that Johnson is confident the Reds will start reaping their rewards in League One.

Johnson’s charges have sparkled this season and disappointed in equal measure.

But his side is within touching distance of the play-off positions and with a game in a hand on many of the teams around them in the table.

Johnson said: “It’s a very tight league and we just have to stick in. We’re three points off the play-offs and we’ve got a good group that are getting better. Recent performances have shown that.

“But we have to look at the league and realise where we are. We’re in touch of the top six and we’ve got a game in hand.”

And finding consistency and improving decision-making are the two key areas that Johnson is targeting improvement as the Reds host Crewe at Oakwell today.

“We’ve got to keep doing what we believe, keep working hard and those little bits of decision-making will improve,” he added.

“We’ve got a lot of young players, no one would doubt that, but in certain areas our decision-making could be improved. But the more we play together and the more we train together, well that decision-making will improve.

“It’s an exciting group to work with. I like them as people and I like their games.

“We’re getting there and we know we need to add one or two people, but for me the glass I half full. It feels like we’re on the verge of finding consistency.

“The way I look at it myself is that I spend every hour of every day thinking what am I doing? What can I do more? What I am not doing enough of?

“The question to myself is if Pep Guardiola was the manager of Barnsley would they have more points? And also what he be doing that I’m not?

“For sure it starts at home. You look yourself in the mirror and say what could I do? Can you do more?

“And I expect that from the players as well. I expect them to ask themselves: ‘what can we do more’?”