John Ryan: Let’s raise the roof for Royals visit

John Ryan
John Ryan

John Ryan has called on Doncaster Rovers’ fans to raise the roof against Reading - and help avoid “relegation by referees”.

Rovers’ ex-chairman has kept a low profile following his shock resignation in November.

But he broke his media silence this week by issuing a typical rallying call ahead of Rovers’ final home game of the season.

Ryan has also pointed the finger for Rovers’ delicate league position firmly at football’s officialdom.

Ryan said: “I’m only speaking as ex-chairman here, but I’d like to say to the Doncaster public ‘come and support us’.

“Paul Dickov and the boys deserve good backing. The fans can really play their part in helping us over the finish line.

“Reading are a big team and they have plenty to play for themselves,” he added.

“But hopefully we can turn that into a positive and raise our game, like we’ve done against some of the other top sides.”

On the subject of refereeing, Ryan added: “We’ve had some terrible luck with the officiating and I firmly believe if we go down, it’ll be relegation by refereeing.

“This is the worst season it’s been in terms of getting bad decisions. By my calculations, referees have cost us 15 points.”

Ryan has been a visible presence at recent home games.

“I haven’t been to as many away games but I’m still a fan,” he said.

“I’m still a major shareholder but it’s quite nice being just a fan. There obviously isn’t that same pressure.

“The fans have great with me,” he added. “A lot of them have said ‘come back John’.”