Haydn Cahill: My USA dream is becoming a reality

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My time playing football in America has been unreal and I’m loving working towards my dream of securing a professional contract.

I can’t thank everyone enough for their support in helping me to accomplish my goals which have seen me go to Los Angeles to play football and work towards a PE teaching degree.

Since being in America, I’ve had several coaches get in touch to try and sign me - three of which were in the last two months - so it’s been a bit of a whirlwind!

I’m here after impressing at a football trial back in 2012. A college in New Jersey came in for me and I later transferred to Los Angeles Community College.

Being in California was tough because, after having a great pre-season where I was training, playing friendlies and getting to know my new coaches and team-mates, I got injured and missed the season. That was a massive blow. Thankfully I was still getting great feedback from coaches so that boosted my morale no end.

I’ve experienced so much since being in LA, but nothing beats chasing your dream and making your family and friends proud back home.

It’s by no means a holiday either, it’s hard work. In pre-season I was training five times a week, twice a day, keeping fit and playing friendlies throughout. When Uni kicked in, that was another challenge in juggling football with work.

Overall, I passed my first semester with three As and one B and bagged myself a few goals in pre-season.

May and June will be my last months at this University and as I’m not on a scholarship, I’m gearing up for the 2014 season with great opportunities ahead.

n To continue my dream, I really need sponsorship. I just need somebody to believe in what I am doing over here to help me raise the funds to carry on my tuition and continue living my dream. To help, email me at: haydnlee@hotmail.co.uk.