Hall threatens to quite Villa position

ASKERN Villa secretary Dave Hall is considering his future at the Northern Counties East League outfit after two years at the club.

“When I joined I was determined to support manager Brian Johnston in taking the club forward and solve their financial crisis off the field,” he said this week. “But the last couple of months have proven difficult and at present I feel like a one-man committee and more and more pressure has been put on me to solve every little problem that comes to the club. I’m not enjoying it anymore and it is starting to affect my home life.”

After a difficult start to the season, manager Brian Johnston now looks like he’s got the right balance to the team and they will be moving up the table in the near future.

“I saw a lot of potential here and now the facilities are probably one of the best in the Doncaster area,” said Hall. “When I joined the club, they were in debt but all that has been cleared and we have achieved our ground grading to play football at the Northern Counties East League, which again was a drain on our finances.”